picture of Jay Sebring circa 1968
Click here to see a short video clip that Jay recorded for a training session just prior to his untimely and tragic death.

picture of Joanne  Woodward and Paul Newman with Jay Sebring
Jay, JoAnne Woodward & Paul Newman

picture of Robert Wagner and Jay Sebring
Jay styling Robert Wagner on the set

picture of James Garner getting hair done by Jay Sebring
Jay styling James Garner at shop

picture of Jay Sebring and the lovely Sharon Tate

All About Jay Sebring

Jay Sebring was ahead of his time in setting the pace for future men's haircutting. Not only was he a talented hairstylist, but he was a progressive businessman as well.

Jay worked with the Movie and Television industry, traveling many miles just to cut and style stars' hair. He was much in demand as these photos illustrate. 

We are all appreciative to Jay for his contribution to the Hair Care Business. We regret his untimely death in 1969 at the hands of the Manson family. 

In radio's salad days the resident barber was "Just Plain Bill", and of course the world of Opera has heralded "The Barber of Seville". Now television has taken Hollywood's "in" hairstylist, Jay Sebring, and made him the resident barber of Medicine Bow, the locale surrounding Universal Television's "The Virginian" series. So, the cowpokes who formerly rode in from the Shiloh Ranch to have their "ears lowered" will now get that shave and a haircut from one of the most celebrated barbers in the world.

Jay Sebring has revolutionized the American Barber Shop. The repercussions of Sebring's success in Hollywood have engendered a new wave of men's hair "stylist" that have cropped up across the country, ripping down the old striped barber pole and wiping out the image of the "just-got-my-ears-lowered" haircut. 

His "Natural Look" has not only revolutionized the hair cutting business, but changed the face of the barber supply industry as well.  Sebring's techniques for hair care have led to a completely new approach to the development of men's grooming products. 
In the few years that he has been in business in Los Angeles, practically every major male television and movie star in show business has come to Sebring for either the purpose of improving or maintaining his personal appearance-key to their livelihood. 

All of Sebring's clients feel that he has had a definite plus effect on their careers. These people comprise an extraordinary list of testimonials from men who lead their field in sports, business and entertainment. 

Sebring started with the desire to fulfill a long overdue need for better hair care and grooming for men with particular attention to individual hair problems.

After serving four years in the Navy, the Alabama-born young man came to California where he hoped to make a life for himself that he decided upon after years of agonizing self appraisal. He considered the medical and legal professions for some time because of his desire to work with people. He also felt strong creative drive within himself and knew that it would have to be a vital part of his career. 

"I took a good look at my friends," explains Sebring. "Both the males and females. The girls looked great- but why shouldn't they since they had all kinds of powders, paints, dyes, sprays and ointments to aid them? But, the poor men- what could they do to better their looks? Buy new clothes or adopt a new hair design!! Well, clothes were no problem- there are plenty of excellent men's wear stores. But, where could a man get a hair style that really flattered him? The answer was- no place. I decided to open a men's hair design shop and change all that." 

Jay Sebring, no doubt, he could have been a film, or TV star!
Jay Sebring
Real name:  Thomas John Kummer

picture of Jay styling Cliff Roberstson for his role as "JFK."
Jay styling Cliff Robertson for his role as "J.F.K.".

Click here to see Sebring's Porsche and a short video clip that Jay recorded for a training session just prior to his untimely and tragic death.  This is one of a hand full of known tapes left in existence.  

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